Roof & Gutter Tune Up

Not every roof needs to be replaced.

Your roof is your home’s greatest defense from the elements, but as the years go by, unseen damage can cause more serious problems than if they were caught earlier on. 

Often, your roof and gutters only need to be touched up, rather than being fully replaced. Marr Quality Roofing offers a $249 Roof & Gutter Tune-Up (an $890 value) that provides homeowners with an immediate fix to some roofing issues and allows homeowners the peace of mind to know their roof and gutters are still in good standing. 

Our $249 Roof & Gutter Tune-Up

Marr Quality Roofings Tune-Up includes the following:

Roof Tune-Up Work ($540 Value) 

  • Replacement of up to 10 Blown-Off Shingles (pending shingle availability)  
  • Tightening of Loose Shingles 
  • Repairs of Exposed Nail Heads (“Nail Pops”)
  • Caulking and Sealing of All Vents, Flashings and Nail Holes 
  • Patching of Any Broken Seams
  • Repair Pipe Gaskets, includes Installation of One New Pipe Gasket 

Gutter Tune-Up Work ($350 Value)

  • Complimentary Gutter Cleaning
  • Caulking and Sealing your Gutters (End Caps, Outlets, & Miter Joints)
  • Tightening your Gutters Using Existing Fasteners
  • Tightening your Downspouts using Existing Fasteners and Brackets
  • Inspecting the Slope of your Gutters for Proper Water Flow
  • Visually Inspecting Ground Drainage and Run-Off

Along with the $249 Roof & Gutter Tune-Up, your Roofing & Gutter Technician will inspect your entire roof and gutters, along with taking before and after pictures and provide you with a full Inspection report.  


*Payment is due prior to the tune up. Our technicians do not carry any money. 

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