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Roofer Job Description

We are looking to hire an efficient Roofer to repair clients’ existing roofing systems and install new roofing systems where needed. The Roofer’s responsibilities include removing hazards from roofs, gutters, and adjacent structures, setting up barricades and warning lines, and performing all tasks necessary for roof maintenance.

Roofer Responsibilities:

  • Inspecting the structure of roofs to determine the best course of action.
  • Measuring and cutting materials to ensure that they fit securely around vents, gutters, chimneys, and walls.
  • Smoothing out rough spots on roofs to prepare the surface for new shingles or waterproofing.
  • Replacing areas of clients’ roofs that are damaged or rotting.
  • Installing vapor barriers and insulation to create a more waterproof seal.
  • Safely setting up ladders, scaffolding and hoisting equipment as required.
  • Safely transporting all required equipment and materials to job sites.

Roofer Requirements:

  • Two Legal Forms of Identification required or a work visa.
  • Valid drivers license or transportation to job sites required. 
  • Proven roofing or general construction experience.
  • Working knowledge of different roofing systems.

If you are interested inapplying or have more questions, please reach out to our HR Specialist at ToddK@marrdevelopment.com

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